Ukrainian Charter

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Ukrainian Charter

The offices of Logik Logistics were called at 23:00hrs on the Monday evening by a UK car manufacturer with a charter request from Ukraine.  They had parts in production that were ready for collection at 08:00hrs on Tuesday.  The delivery deadline was Wednesday Morning at 10:00hrs. 

Flight permits for Ukraine would take 24hrs to organise therefore a flight direct from Ukraine to the UK was not a suitable option.  LGK organised a vehicle to collect the parts and transport to Rzeszow Airport in Poland where we had positioned the aircraft.  After customs formalities, the parts were loaded onto the Aircraft at 23:00hrs local time on Tuesday. Aircraft arrived at Birmingham International Airport at 03:00hrs on the Wednesday Morning, after a speedy customs process parts were delivered into the plant at 08:15hrs.  The customer was very happy with the service Logik Logistics provided.

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